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Welcome to Meyer Recreational Buildings

Thank you for your interest in a Meyer Building. Our recreational building line is designed by outdoorsmen who are as passionate about the outdoors and the outdoor living experience as you are. A Meyer Building is built with the highest quality American-made materials to provide years of comfortable, maintenance-free enjoyment. Our buildings can be designed to your specifications and are built from the ground up on your location.

As a company that specializes in building affordable buildings in remote areas, we understand the challenges that most out of town property owners face when trying to build a building. That’s why Meyer offers the Meyer Certified Building Experience. This certification guarantees that Meyer Buildings will provide fully trained and insured building consultants and building craftsmen along with a trouble-free buying system to assist our clients through the entire building process. From permits to septic, solar to LP Lighting, driveways to video surveillance, through the first night in your new Meyer Building, Meyer Building professionals will be there to make sure that all of the steps in the process are made simple and worry-free.

Contact one of our building consultants to begin your Meyer Certified Building Experience.

Meyer Recreational Buildings