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Meyer Certified Building Experience

Meyer Buildings is proud to offer its Meyer Certified Building Experience. As we all know, building a new building can be a difficult process. This process is made even more challenging when you are building in a remote area or on a piece of property that is away from your home. The Meyer Certified Building Experience is a system of purchasing a building that helps to take away much of the anxiety of building a new building. Contact one of our building consultants to begin your Meyer Certified Building Experience today.

Building Made Simple: 6 Step Process

This system is a 6-step process to the completion of your new Meyer Building. This process is overseen by a building consultant who will meet with you, arrange for all aspects of the building and site preparation (if requested), and make sure that the project is done on time through completion. The building consultant works on behalf of the client to ensure a positive, on-time experience.

  • Step One: Contact and meet with your building consultant and visit building site
  • Step Two: Choose a building and floor plan
  • Step Three: Complete the client and information form.
  • Step Four: Sign final contract
  • Step Five: Begin building
  • Step Six: Take possession of your new Meyer Building and enjoy.

Featured Options

Your building consultant will provide you with the building base price and a list of building options beyond the base. The building base price is a guaranteed price for 30 days that includes:

  • Building materials and labor
  • Electrical (to wall)
  • Plumbing (to wall)
  • Heating (furnace and ducting)
  • Concrete — slab or frost wall

Custom Options

Building options beyond the base include:

  • Flooring
  • Wall covering
  • Exterior
  • Poured Basement
  • Generator
  • Security System
  • Remote Viewing
  • Fire Protection
  • Fireplace/Wood Stove
  • LP Lighting
  • Solar

Additional Items

Your building consultant will also assist and/or arrange for the completion of any of these additional items:

  • Permits
  • Excavating
  • Driveway
  • Power
  • Septic
  • Well
  • Yard