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The Harvester

The Harvester
1726 Sq Ft: 889 (1st Floor) 374 (Loft) 468 (storage)

The Harvester is a building that offers it all. This design and floor plan is as functional as it is attractive. The lower level has a cabin-feel with two bedrooms, a very large kitchen/common area, and a covered grilling porch. The upstairs loft area is large enough to divide into individual rooms or utilize as an open area. Either way, the Harvester is ready to accommodate all of your recreational living needs.

Building Exterior Specifications

  • 26' x 52' x 9' stud wall construction with 12' x 34' x 7' monitor.
  • (1) 8' x 14' covered grilling porch
  • Perimeter 2×6 studs to be 24" on center
  • Roof trusses to be 6:12 pitch – 24" o.c. with energy heel.
  • All exterior wall and roof steel to be McElroy 29 ga. Max Rib with Kynar 500 paint system and 40 year non-prorated warranty
  • All steel to be fastened using Woodgrip fasteners
  • All steel trims at ridge, gables, corners, windows, doors, base, hips and valleys, fascia, header, ceiling, etc. to be 29 ga. with Kynar 500 paint system.
  • Continuously vented profile ridge vent.
  • All eaves to be sealed using profile foam closures.
  • 24" deep overhangs to be finished using aluminum or steel vented soffit panels.
  • Windows to be white vinyl horizontal sliding units. Alternate color options are available upon request.
  • Doors to be all maintenance free steel doors and aluminum frames with locksets. Various options are available
  • Exterior Patio door to be vinyl unit with screen door.
  • (1) 10×7 insulated overhead door. Operator available upon request.
  • Housewrap at all walls to eave line.
  • All walls to be insulated using R-21 batt insulation with a 4 mil poly vapor barrier at warm side of wall.
  • Ceiling to be insulated using R-40 blown fiberglass insulation with a 4 mil poly vapor barrier at warm side of ceiling.
  • Porch to have steel ceiling and trim.
  • Exposed porch header.

Building Interior Specifications

  • Interior stud walls to be 2×4 and 2×6 construction with studs 24" on center
  • Interior doors to be pine doors with casing at both sides with lockset.
  • Fully installed kitchen and bath cabinetry.
  • Bi-Fold closet doors to be pre-hung doors with casing at both sides and pull knobs.
  • Base trim to be 1×4 pine at all finished walls.
  • Windows to be prepped for drywall returns and pine sill with apron casing.
  • Closets to have one shelf with angle brackets and closet pole.

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