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The Jack Pine

The Jack Pine
1408 Sq Ft: 1056 (1st floor) 352 (loft)

The Jack Pine is designed to offer a rustic look with an extremely large covered porch. This porch area is perfect for enjoying the exterior of your new building and for offering a sitting area before heading out in the woods. The Jack Pine also offers a large loft area for guests to stay in comfort. This unique maintenance-free design is built for years of enjoyment. The Jack Pine offers the ultimate in get-away buildings.

Building Exterior Specifications

  • 32' x 40' x12' stud wall construction
  • 8" wide wrap around covered porch.
  • Perimeter 2×6 studs to be 24" on center
  • Main Roof Trusses to be 6:12 pitch – 24" o.c. with energy heel. Porch trusses to be 3:12 roof pitch.
  • All exterior wall and roof steel to be McElroy 29 ga. Max Rib with Kynar 500 paint system and 40 year non-prorated warranty
  • All steel to be fastened using Woodgrip fasteners
  • All steel trims at ridge, gables, corners, windows, doors, base, hips and valleys, fascia, header, ceiling, etc. to be 29 ga. with Kynar 500 paint system.
  • Continuously vented profile ridge vent.
  • All eaves to be sealed using profile foam closures.
  • Overhangs to be finished using aluminum or steel vented soffit panels.
  • Windows to be vinyl white double hung or fixed units. Alternate color options are available upon request.
  • Doors to be all maintenance free steel doors and aluminum frames with locksets. Various options are available
  • Exterior Patio door to be vinyl unit with screen door.
  • Housewrap at all walls to eave line.
  • All walls to be insulated using R-21 batt insulation with a 4 mil poly vapor barrier at warm side of wall.
  • Ceiling to be insulated using R-40 blown fiberglass insulation with a 4 mil poly vapor barrier at warm side of ceiling.
  • Porch to have steel ceiling and trim.
  • Exposed porch beams and support posts. Railings available upon request.

Building Interior Specifications

  • Interior stud walls to be 2×4 and 2×6 construction with studs 24" on center
  • 5/8" drywall at all interior walls
  • Interior doors to be pre-hung pine doors with casing at both sides with lockset.
  • Vaulted trusses with lofted living area.
  • Fully installed kitchen and bath cabinetry.
  • Bi-Fold closet doors to be pre-hung doors with casing at both sides and pull knobs.
  • Base trim to be 1 x 4 pine at all finished walls.
  • Windows to be prepped for drywall returns and pine sill with apron casing.
  • Closets to have one shelf with angle brackets and closet pole.

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